Frequently Asked Questions

Where should the ice cream be kept?

Please keep your ice creams in the freezer.

How long can your ice creams last?

1 to 2 months (depending on the flavor you bought). All our products’ expiry dates are printed on the box.

My dog often experience bloated-ness, can I still give him/her ice cream?

You may want to do some read up about the ingredients in our ice cream before deciding if it’s suitable for your furkid as you know them best.

My furkid often constipates, is it possible to feed him/her ice cream?

Yes you may. Our ice cream contains fruits and supplement (betaglucan) that should help to improve your furkid’s overall gastrointestinal health and stimulate bowel movement.

Does your ice cream contain lactose?

No. All our ice creams are lactose-free.

My furkid is having loose stools, can I still give him/her ice cream?

It is advisable not to as our ice cream is made up of fruits, and fruits often help to enhance the bowel movement in both humans and furkids.

At what age can I start feeding my furkid ice cream?

Furbabies as young as 8 weeks is able to consume our ice cream in small amounts. It will especially help them through their teething stage.

I will be visiting Singapore and would like to purchase the ice cream. I will be bring it back by airplane. How do I go about doing it?

Kindly contact us and we will discuss/advice accordingly.

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