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Honey Mango


Please read 'Before You Purchase' section down below. By adding this product to cart, you agree that you have read all instructions & FAQs on our site.


Ingredients: Coconut, Coconut oil, Mangoes, Honey, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Betaglucan



1 box = 2 cups

Each cup = 100ml



3 months


    Free door-step delivery for orders $100 and above.


    You will be prompted to select a delivery method for your ice creams upon checking out your cart. Here are the available options in Talya's Sorvete:

    * Door-step delivery is only applicable for orders above $50 with a delivery fee of $12. Delivery for orders above $100 is complimentary.

    * Self-collection: Not available at the moment


    Note for delivery:

    • Delivery for orders made from Sunday to Wednesday will be made on Saturday (1pm to 4pm) unless otherwise informed. 
    • Delivery for orders made from Wednesday to Saturday will be made on the following Saturday (1pm to 4pm) unless otherwise informed.




    * Please ensure that your furkid is not allergic to any of the ingredients stated

    * Ice cream is to be kept in the freezer

    * Kindly finish one cup as soon as possible after opening

    * Ice cream is not recommended to replace main meals

    * Keep product within shelf-life

    * For furkids with smaller appetite: Scoop out the desired amount of ice cream to be consumed and keep the remaining in the freezer.

    * For furkids trying out cold treats for the first time: Feed in small amounts

    * For senior dogs: Ensure that your furkid does not have any existing medical condition that does not allow them to consume coconut products.

    - Orders made after Wednesday will be delivered on the following Saturday

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